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Introspecting is the best way to recall the best moments and sometimes it also become the route to reach inspiration.

Going back to the school days, when we all gets fascinated with experiments, while mixing the colours in water and it goes down & up, finally water becomes of that colour. This was all fun for everyone while learning about molecules.

Remembering the days when we were keen to know how colourful flowers scatters their fragrance?

The beautiful process of nature, whenever the oils of flowers evaporates, it lefts with fragrance. And the air scatters the mesmerizing aura everywhere.

The blend of all these memories inspired us to create The De-Fusion.
In a world where sky holds untold secrets, we got attracted by Rayleigh scattering.
One morning, we noticed how beautifully the blue sky merged with different light of red, orange, saffron,and grey. It was a breathtaking sight-a symphony of colours woven together by nature. We decided to experiment with vibrant hues with tie & dye technique, which not only changed the fabric colour but also symbolised the fusion of modernity with natural shades which empowers the wearer to express their individuality with grace.

De-Fusion holds the vibrant hues of electric blue, bright green, fuchsia pink & yellows, each reflecting a unique emotion & radiating energy while you wear the collection.

Each & every design holds the essence of uniqueness, comfort, softness under the vast open sky to spread the wings with confidence.

Let's celebrate the feminity, freedom, modernity & power with De-Fusion.